Boris Johnson Is a Liar 

He says Fuck Business

We say Fuck Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

(not the only one, there's IDS, JRM, LF, PM, KH, MG, DD and more

We should have voted Remain now it's all gone tits-up

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a Trump-level liar.

Without doubt he lies, repeatedly. Liars eventually get fsound out. And Boris has been

However most lies (Trump excepted) don't wreak huge damage to many people, let alone to an entire nation.

But that is what Boris has done. His lies about the EU when he wrote his so called funny column for the Sunday Telegraph before the referendum have fatally affected British understanding of the EU and I believe made enough difference to result in Brexit

That is why he is a traitor

Boris we're pointing at You

You are so famous that you have books written about you

The road to Brexit was paved with Boris Johnson’s Euromyths

Brexfactor: Boris Johnson exposed once more as a liar and a liability


Why are we so surprised that Boris Johnson lied when he’s been sacked for lying twice before


Some Boris articles are here There is very little of actual value, and many lies, that's what he does


Here's Boris Threatening violence against a Journalist